Friday, January 4, 2013

WABE Story on Prefiled Legislation Addressing Cityhood

Clearing Hurdles

A State Representative from DeKalb County has "prefiled" legislation, House Bill 22, that, if enacted, would make it much more difficult to create new cities DeKalb.  The text of House Bill 22 can be read by clicking here.

Regardless of your feeling about creating a new city in northern DeKalb County, a recent WABE news story about the bill is worth a listen.  You can hear the story by visiting the following page: WABE Story.

After you have read the bill and listened to the story, please share your comments below with your neighbors.

As a reminder, there will be a pro/con panel on the cityhood issue this Tuesday, January 8, at 7 p.m. at the Oak Grove United Methodist Church.  A flyer with details about the  event can be seen below in the post entitled: "Open Thread: What's on Your Mind for Tuesday."

Hope to see you Tuesday!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Open Thread: What's on Your Mind for Tuesday

As we prepare for Tuesday's pro/con panel, please share your thoughts and questions about cityhood.

Remember, too, that questions posted here or emailed to me at will receive priority during the Q&A portion of the meeting.

Monday, December 10, 2012

City-Do List

Part of weighing the pro's and con's of cityhood involves a discussion of what services a new city would provide and whether current service levels are sufficient to meet the needs of residents.  Did you know that Georgia law requires a city to provide at least three of eleven enumerated services in order to keep its charter active?

Here's the law and the list from the Georgia Code:

O.C.G.A. § 36-30-7.1 (b).

§ 36-30-7.1. Inactive municipalities

(a) On and after July 1, 1995, any municipal corporation in this state shall be deemed an inactive municipality and its charter shall be repealed by operation of law if the municipal corporation fails to meet any of the minimum standards provided in subsection (b) of this Code section for determining an active municipality.

(b) An active municipality is any incorporated municipality in this state the governing body of which meets each of the following minimum standards:

(1) Provides at least three of the following services, either directly or by contract:

(A) Law enforcement;

(B) Fire protection (which may be furnished by a volunteer fire force) and fire safety;

(C) Road and street construction or maintenance;

(D) Solid waste management;

(E) Water supply or distribution or both;

(F) Waste-water treatment;

(G) Storm-water collection and disposal;

(H) Electric or gas utility services;

(I) Enforcement of building, housing, plumbing, and electrical codes and other similar codes;

(J) Planning and zoning; and

(K) Recreational facilities;

(2) Holds at least six regular, monthly or bimonthly, officially recorded public meetings within the 12 months next preceding the execution of the certificate required by subsection (c) of this Code section; and

(3) Qualifies for and holds a regular municipal election as provided by law, other than a municipality which has a governing authority comprised of commissioners or other members who are appointed by a judge of the superior court.

A few questions to ponder:

Is there a need to provide additional or different services in northern DeKalb?    If so, what are they?  

Are you satisfied with the current levels of service you are receiving?  If not, what changes would you like to see?

Friday, December 7, 2012

Speakers Set for January Pro/Con Panel on Cityhood

Great news!  We have a pro/con panel on the issue of cityhood set to take place on Tuesday, January 8, from 7-9 p.m. at the Oak Grove United Methodist Church.  (See event flyer below for the meeting address and additional information.)

A majority of those who attended last month's informational meeting requested a pro/con panel to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of creating cities in DeKalb, so this is your meeting.

The panelists include will include: State Reps. Billy Mitchell and Tom Taylor, DeKalb County Commissioner Kathie Gannon and former Dunwoody Councilman Robert Wittenstein

Please note that questions for the panelists submitted in advance of the 
meeting will receive priority and that the meeting will end promptly at 9 p.m.

As with our last meeting, please consider bringing a food donation for the Church's hunger project  to express our appreciation for the Church's generosity in hosting our meeting.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

"Who Are We?"

The title of this post gets its name from a fair question posed by a member of the audience at Monday's cityhood meeting at the Oak Grove United Methodist Church.

Before we could begin to know whether cityhood makes sense, we have to know the area(s) that might be considered to create a new city.  So, folks, "who are we?"

Post your maps, drawings and written suggestions for which areas make the most sense to you as the boundaries of a new city.

While you're at it, why not share your reasoning?  Is it a strong community of interest?  A strong mixture of commercial/industrial and residential property in a contiguous and reasonably shaped area?  What makes sense about the boundaries you chose?

Ask yourself: "Who are we?"

A City by Any Other Name

I realize that this is putting the cart before the horse, but just for fun, what would you name a new city if it was centered in northern DeKalb?

PS If you are interested in receiving direct communication on the cityhood issue, please send your contact information (name, email address and any other contact information you wish to provide) to kevinlevitas[at]

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Any Questions?

As a follow-up to this week's first cityhood meeting, we are hoping to put together a "pro" and "con" panel in the next few weeks.  Stay tuned for more details.

In meantime, if you have questions that you would like to ask the panel, please feel free to post them here.  We will get to as many as we can within the time permitted.